Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Christmas Template For You To Purchase!

You guys asked for it, now I have it and super cheap! We are also trying something new. I've packaged it all up and it is ready for download, only $15. This one installs quick and easy into your blog and you'll be up and running in no time. Just click on the paypal button below and purchase the template and you'll be directed to download the file that includes the XML file, a favicon and instructions.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Gaga Over KMM & My First Mac Halo

Meet the Book Nympho....thebooknympho.blogspot.com

Directions: I want a dark & sexy feel to the blog, since most of the books I read have both. But I'm ok with a humor element as well. So if you want to add a campy vampire element I'm cool with that.
Genres I read:
Paranormal Romance | Urban Fantasy | Young Adult (paranormal themed) |
Erotic Romance (paranormal &"normal")

The following images are copyrighted by The Book Nympho and are not for general use. They are for display purposes, please do not steal.

Client Feedback:

HOLY FREAKING COW!!! I love it. - The Book Nympho

Keeping it Simple...From the TBR Pile


All images are copyrighted by From the TBR pile and are not for anyone's use but theirs.

Design specs: 

"clean and uncluttered"

We like our basic color scheme, the light bluish/aqua.  We don't want anything too cluttered.  We'd like something pretty and some clean lines, nothing really cartoony looking...and something building off our blog title....a pile of books or something...




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