Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Designlicious Blog Goes Live!

Through much trial and error I think I finally pleased my latest customer! And man am I happy with the results.  This just goes to show, I don't do this on my own, feedback, feedback and more feedback makes a much better product.

Go by: Lots of pastels, flowery, no BLUES GREENS OR BROWNS (which gave me a heart attack because I was looking at my
<---- pastel palette and what do see a lot of?!)

The blog is based on the review of Chick Lit, Historical and YA Books, so she wanted an avatar representation of all three genres, sitting on an elegant sofa, all reading.

New things to look for within this design.  The column work was extensive, because she wanted to the sidebars to end, instead of trailing down the page, which is what I usually do.  This isn't as easy as it sounds, because lining up DIVs is no easy task and their isn't an exact science to it.  Nothing is exact in web design.  There was also a lot of tweaking with the sidebar H2s (headers with the scrolls and flowers). All in all the considerable amount of tweaking led to a phenomenal end result and here you have, Bookalicious Ramblings.

12 Responses so far.

  1. Adorable! I love your designs, Parajunkee :)

  2. So adroable! Great job. I've always wondered how to do ending sidebars, but they sound like a lot of work, lol.

  3. Wow. Your hard work paid off! The site looks incredible! :)

  4. Amazing! Seriously, the site looks fantastic.

  5. Yaaay, I'm so proud to say that that's MY layout now! :D As you already know, I positively adore the final result and I think your hard work really paid off, you did an amazing job! Glad to hear you're pleased with it too! Personally, I'd say this is your best work so far, but I'm just a little biased. ;) Oh yes, there certainly was a looot of feedback on my behalf, haha, so thanks for putting up with me - everything looks just PERFECT now! :D

  6. This one is soooo pretty!!! You incorporate the concept of the blog with the layout design so perfectly!!!

  7. Bere says:

    Wow the layout looks so beautiful! =)

  8. I was just over there. AMAZING as always

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