Friday, September 2, 2011

Pre-Made Template - Cheap Design


There are two designs up today that are pre-made and available for customization. Both have the same type avatar but it can be customized to look just like you!!

Live sites:
  • Both templates are $35 each
  • The templates will only be sold once in the color scheme & background that you choose
  • The avatar can have her clothes color changed and hair color changed
  • There is a blog button with grab text included
  • Blogs are designed within the specs of the new Blogger Template Designer and fonts, font size and even coloring can be changed 
  • Customized blockquote
  • The templates header and blogger button will be customized with your blog name
  • The template can be installed into your blogger interface if you so choose
  • Package add-ons are available for these designs

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  1. Damn. I liked number 2. :-)

    Any others?

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