Monday, December 12, 2011

A New Type of Template Design: Meet Hills! You can dress her up!

My design work has changed over the last few years that I have been doing this, but what I've noticed is that a lot of you like to change up your designs, either seasonally or just on a whim. To purchase a custom design each time can get rather expensive so, to battle this, I've thought up a rather unique way of handling this.
I'm going to whip up an avatar and you will be able to dress her up in different templates throughout the year. Same avatar, same look --- just new clothes, or new holiday themes to go with the avatar. So, your blog will retain continuity throughout the year, but you'll be able to keep things changing and fresh, without the price of a complete blog design.
The first avatar is a cute blond girl, that I've nick named Hill's. Currently Hill's has one main template (meaning it comes included with graphics geared specifically for a book blog), two "dress-up" templates and a Christmas and New Year's look. You can view the templates live and purhcase the files below.
  • All templates are able to be modifed via the Blogger template Designer.
  • Seasonal designs will be published during their respective holidays and can actually be requested
  • Expected designs to come: Mardi Gras, Easter, Summer, Fourth of July,
If you have any problems with this design please email me at parajunkee at cox dot net

Cheap, blog design custom for book bloggers Hill's main template, designed to give that urban, fun feel. This template comes with a matching favicon, giveaway, interview, guest post and winner graphic.

View Main Design > Hill's Town
Purchase this template with all the cool stuff included for only $40.

Cheap, blog design custom for book bloggers Give your Hill a make-over with the beautiful asian inspired template.
View ress-up blog design, Asian Hills

You can purchase this template for $30 and dress Hills up Asian style.

Cheap, blog design custom for book bloggers Give your Hill a make-over with the beautiful vintage, shabby chic, inspired template. 
View ress-up blog design, Vintage Hills

You can purchase the Hills Vintage Template for only $30.00.

Cheapt Book Blogger Blog Template Design The first in Hill's Seasonal Looks, Christmas-fy your blog look with holiday loveliness.
View the Seasonal look:

Purchase this template for only $20.00, use the Paypal Buy Now Button below.

Cheap New Years Even Blog Template for book bloggers The second in Hill's Seasonal Looks, Party-fy your blog look with New Years loveliness. 
View the Seasonal look: New Years

Purchase the Hill's New Year's Template for only $20.00

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  1. Ana Hart says:

    Very awesome! I'm jealous of your mad design skillz ;)

  2. Jennifer says:

    This is a great idea!

  3. really cool giveaway!!! eeeep I would love to win :) Very nice of you!

  4. oh and I like the Hills town one the best! :) they are all awesome though :)

  5. Wow so cool i really like the concept great work keep it up...Template Design

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