Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Teens Read & Write Launches

I was approached my the teenage geniuses behind Teens Read & Write: Alyssa, Jake & Gregory to redo their blog. They already had a fancy wordpress design, but another blogger had popped up with the same design and they were ready for a new one...so luckily they came to me to *Pimp their blog*. (I'm trying to be young and hip - is that still in?) I just want to say these guys were the most hilarious clients I have ever worked with.  They definitely made my job a lot more interesting and I think if I would have gotten an email like this everyday I would have given them a 50% discount!

This was the initial go-by email:

Overall the design can't be too girlie (because the two nimrods would smother me in my sleep), or too romantic (refer to previous 'smothering' comment) and really, I'm not much into that either. We all like more of the dark, mysterious and dangerous vibe, but we also enjoy wit and humor thrown in. Am I making any sense? Too much info? Does this help at all?

Okay, the two dorks just came back in and here are Jake's comments. I'll give you quotes:

JAKE: "It must have wizards fighting dragons that look like books. Then I could photoshop Gregory's face on one of the dragons and put my face on one of the majestic wizards so it looks I'm defeating Gregory. Alyssa could be a heavily cleavaged princess in distress. Wouldn't that be awesome!"

GREGORY: "Wait, why am I the wimp?"

JAKE: "You're not a wimp. You're a dragon."

GREGORY: "But I'm a wimpy dragon if I'm getting beaten by a lame wizard like you. And since when does Alyssa have heavy cleavage?"

JAKE: "It's fantasy. Shut up. I'm older. You have to do what I say."

Then they started a pillow fight and ran out of the room (screaming like girls, I might add.) We could start our own reality show!

This ended the email and I was left scratching my head. Then I got this wonderful graphic representation of what the email was referring to from Jake. Pretty handy with Photoshop right?

Yet, I thought the dragon might be a bit too much.  Too scaly for the female demographic.  I suggested something furrier but with a bit of a bite.  Say... a rabid squirrel.  They seemed to like my idea.  So we were in agreement.  Wizard, Chesty Damsel, Rabid Squirrel.

The final product can now be seen on their blog.  And low and behold I also added a dragon - sans the fire breathing aspect. Look close can you find the squirrel?

6 Responses so far.

  1. Elie says:

    Very funny. The blog looks good. I thought I'd let you know I mentioned your service on my newz post.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Wow, now we feel like rock stars! Thanks for your kind words. We love our design. FYI we also put your design button up on our sight. It's beautiful!

  3. Wrighty says:

    I LOVE that design! It's so clever, colorful, fun and full of personality. I'm glad you explained the fuzzy squirrel - now it makes sense!

    I found you through the link on their blog. I'm so impressed with your work and hope I get to hire you one of these days too! I'll also be pointing people in your direction. Happy holidays!

  4. That email is awesome. I'm totally following them now. And I love your designs. Now I know where to come if I need a sweet blog design! Really great work.

  5. Ha! I never realized there was a rabid squirrel until now! :P

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